Updated: May 24th 2021 - added new codes, moved some expired codes

Do you like không tính phí in-game loot & useful freebies that don"t require you to vị pretty much anything in order to lớn redeem? Then I"m sure these Mobile Legends redeem codes are exactly what you"ve sầu been looking for!

Many games nowadays offer miễn phí loot as compensation either after maintenance or as an event reward, và mobile Legends doesn"t shy away from them either. There have sầu been countless codes so far, but we"re only going to go over the latest ones since they are the ones most likely still working.

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But before we dive inkhổng lồ them, let me explain how exactly you can clayên these codes, because it"s not as easy as opening an option in-game & typing in the code!

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How to redeem codes in Mobile Legends?

To redeem codes, you"ll first have sầu to open the game & the di động Legends code exchange page.

In game, you will have sầu to find your trương mục ID. You can find that by tapping on your profile ibé, & on the right side of the screen you"ll notice a long number, in this format: "ID: 123456789 (12345)". The number you want lớn use is the one in bold.

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Write down that number on the trang web, in the trò chơi IDbox, và then tap on Send.

You will receive an in-game mail with a code, which you can then copy + paste in the Verification Code box on the website.

Type in the code you got, which is valid for 30 minutes, & start typing in the codes and then tap on Redeem.

Your rewards should arrive sầu in your in-game mailbox shortly!

Also, a little tip that I was not aware of before: Since the code is valid for 30 minutes, you don"t have sầu lớn request a different code each time you type in a redeem code during these 30 minutes!

di động Legends 2021 Codes

Some of the codes have a limit of times they can be claimed, others vì chưng not. For instance, a code could have sầu a 300-redeems limit, so it could be available for some players, but for others who try khổng lồ clayên ổn it post the 300-redeems, it won"t work. The codes that might currently be available in the game are:


Expired Codes

The following codes might still work, but I believe sầu most of them should be expired by now. Either way, feel không lấy phí lớn try them!


These are all the codes that we currently have! Stay tuned because we"ll keep you updated as soon as we discover a new working code!

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