Playing a game in a foreign language can be frustrating and even result in misunderstandings that can affect the game’s outcome. League of Legends is available in multiple regions, but their language options are usually limited lớn the most popular languages within the region. The new client doesn’t allow you lớn change your game’s language khổng lồ Korean, for example, unless you’re on the Korean VPS.

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mở cửa the client & see the language has changed.

How khổng lồ Change Language in League of Legends lớn Japanese

If you want to change the game’s language to lớn Japanese, the most reliable way is lớn transfer your account khổng lồ the Japanese VPS. However, for most of us, this will cause a considerable increase in ping and reduce the game’s responsiveness to a crawl. If you aren’t near nhật bản and still want khổng lồ change the language, you’ll need to look at our “How to Change Language” tutorials. Use the Japanese language code “ja_JP” when making changes lớn system files.

How to Change Language in League of Legends lớn Chinese

The Chinese server is closed lớn transfers, meaning that you can’t change lớn the region if you’ve sầu created an tài khoản elsewhere. If you want lớn use Chinese in the game and the client, you’ll need to lớn either make a new tài khoản on a Chinese server or follow our instructions for changing how the client operates in the “How khổng lồ Change Language on PC” or “How to lớn Change Language on Mac” tutorials. Use the language code “zh_CN” when making changes to lớn files and choosing the language code.

How to lớn Change Language in League of Legends to lớn Korean

The Korean hệ thống is another region-locked server that doesn’t allow transfers. You’ll need lớn make a new account (and only if you’re actually in Korea), or you can tinker with the game files và clients as shown in our tutorials to get all the benefits. Use the language code “ko_KR” when making changes.

Additional FAQ

Why Can’t I Change My Language in League of Legends?

If you’re playing on the NA server, you’re limited to using English by mặc định when using the client settings. The only way lớn get more languages for your client is lớn change the underlying game files to lớn load in a different language.

How Do You Change the Language Baông chồng lớn English in LoL?

After you’ve made changes khổng lồ the client language, follow the exact process you did before và use the code “en_US.” Alternatively, you can use the “en_GB” or “en_AU” codes for British and Australian variations, although they don’t change much.

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How Do I Change my LoL Client Language?

The steps we outlined above sầu will change the language for the client và the game, including text và audio.

How Do I Change my Region in League of Legends?

Here’s how khổng lồ transfer your tài khoản to a different region:

• xuất hiện the client & log in.

• xuất hiện the store by clicking the stack of coins inhỏ on the top.

• Select “Accessories.”

• Find “Server Transfer.”

• Select the desired region.

Account transfers might be unavailable for certain regions (China, Korea, Southeast Asia) or during seasonal resets.

What Programming Language Is League of Legends in?

The game is coded in C++, but the client uses HTML5 as a base và more C++ to lớn integrate it with the game, và the chat & messaging service uses Erlang. RIOT also uses C#, Pydong dỏng, Ruby, Java, and Go for some technical aspects of the server-client infrastructure. You can go lớn RIOT’s công nghệ blog for more info.

Language Changes for the Win

If you’re using an unfamiliar language, chances are you’re more distracted và can’t find the information you’re looking for. Thankfully, changing the language in LoL can be quite simple, even though the developers haven’t made a direct path to vì so.