On the occasion of launching Gun Gun Smartphone game, game publisher SoHa has sent gifts khổng lồ players with valuable Gift Code Gun Gun sản phẩm điện thoại codes, helping players have a more convenient early game experience.

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Coordinate shooting game Gun Gun điện thoại is said to be a new breeze in the Vietnamese gaming community, the game is built on bright 2D graphics that attracted a lot of players right at the time of launch.

Gun Gun mobile – Coordinate shooter released by SohaGame on the Vietnamese market

– Link lớn tải về Android version: Gun Gun Mobile for Android– Download liên kết for iOS version: Gun Gun Smartphone for iPhone

Instructions on how lớn get Code Gun Gun Mobile

– Common GiftCode codes for all servers of Gun Gun mobile game: LD9A7AM7N

Method 1: Access lớn get Code on the Landing page of the game Here

Step 1: Players access the links on the star then select GiftCode in the bottom right corner of the screen


Step 2: A Code code (gift) will appear as shown below & you temporarily copy somewhere to wait for use


Method 2: Get Full Code Gun Gun điện thoại by visiting the liên kết here

You access the link above sầu & select Join now To receive sầu the Code, each program will have a unique GiftCode code, along with the corresponding gifts, their value is also different.

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– Note: Players must complete the steps, follow the instructions to lớn be able lớn receive Code Gun Gun Mobile. Rewards will be issued after the show ends.

Instructions for entering Code Gun Gun Mobile

Step 1: You log inlớn Gun Gun Smartphone game, on the main interface of the game, cliông xã the Attractive sầu ibé in the top right corner of the game screen.


Step 2: Special Event Item Show up, in the left thực đơn bar you scroll down khổng lồ find & select the tab Enter GiftCode as shown below


Step 3: Enter the code you received in the box and then press Change


The corresponding reward of each GiftCode will appear


https://thuthuat.taimienphi.vn/nhan-code-gun-gun-mobile-46032n.aspx Above is an article that guides you khổng lồ receive the code and enter the game code for Gun Gun Mobile, whether you receive any code on the main page or Fanpage, you can use the steps above in exchange for gifts. You can also play Gun Gun điện thoại on PC, How khổng lồ play Gun Gun điện thoại on the computer With simple và effective sầu Android emulation software, with just a few steps, you can experience Gun Gun mobile game on your computer already.