This is probably one of if not the cleanest indoor play places we have sầu ever visited.

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Firstly the two staff needed lớn acknowledge new customers waiting however they were too busy talking amongst themselves. When I etched closer to the gate in my wheelchair they served me & then by that stage the lady behind me which did feel uncomfortable.

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No apology for the wait.I was given a code lớn use the lift to cone down, entered onlớn the next floor up & struggled to navigate around objects in my chair as the main welcome space was from the stairs. I had a large wooden jeep in front of me which felt a little odd & wondered if the lift should have sầu perhaps opened the otherwise. Obviously a teething issue there.The centre was quiet not many children yet I counted around 10 staff members at the centre which is much smaller than Milton Keynes which for me was a disappointment especially when reviewing the cost.A glance at the menu shows £5.95 for jackets & I was informed by others who have dinned there the food is good chất lượng.The membership was a complete rip off in my opinion at £5 for them lớn hold your name child"s dob and address in exchange for plastic key fob barcode.The cost of entry for children over 1 is £9.45 (on this day half price for 2 hours) and parents have sầu to lớn pay too.... Not being funny but a wheelchair user IS NOT going lớn be using dodgems or the carasel!My entry fee was £11.95.Shocking really as son is already registered with the company in Milton Keynes.The oto park in addition is what hit me because the visit to both cinema at 360 play left me in the carpark long enough khổng lồ be charged an additional £5.Despite the free after 3 poster on the reception walls I left at 3.20 which meant I was 20 mins into what would be không tính tiền parking sadly this seems to lớn be something in need of some study as 360 are clearly attempting lớn make the customers visit easier if they come after 3pm but not at other times .... Hmm worth a check because daytime rates are normally nearly 10 per child grab a 4 child family that"s £40 plus £5 parking then you want a coffee starts to lớn add up.The membership is good value for money if you are local enough but I live an hour drive away so the soft play treat became incredibly painful on the pocket - liken it khổng lồ imagination play at £4.95 per child I can see some stiff competition.360 play have got good facilities a great system but staff can either be very friendly or group huddled in a corner somewhere because I fear there are too many during quiet periods.Membership & additional fees are worth researching khổng lồ get the best khuyến mãi but as a first impression £11.95 for 2 hours was taking the mickey và certainly not a great introductory rate when I could have paid £5 memership +£9.45 one child entry+£3.50 adult charge = £21 roughly without refreshment for any other month.Blimey for that cost just think what else one could be doing....