Through Networking Academy, we’re providing global và inclusive access for people to lớn participate in the evolving digitalworkforce.

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Cisteo Networking Academy

Cisteo Networking Academy’s best-in-class curriculum prepares learners for the most in-demand giải pháp công nghệ jobs in areas such as networking, network automation and programmability, cybersecurity, and IoT. And while hands-on và remote learning with physical equipment & the powerful network simulation tool Packet Tracer has always set Networking Academy apart, we continue lớn develop new ways lớn use virtual equipment và environments through remote access và virtual/augmented reality lớn advance remote learning.

The program is appropriate for those as young as 13 years old, those pursuing higher education and college, & those seeking a new career path. It is delivered through academic institutions, nonprofits, & directly to lớn students, allowing the program khổng lồ reach diverse learners & educators in 180 countries. With 34 percent of its 2.3 million participants in fiscal 20đôi mươi from North và South America, 29 percent from APJC, & 37 percent from EMEAR (44 percent of which are from Africa and the Middle East), Networking Academy is making major strides khổng lồ help address the global công nghệ skills gap. The program is:

Comprehensive sầu. A skills-to-jobs learning experience where students work in teams and develop skills they will use in the workplace.Proven. Year after year, students say the program provides valuable skills that help them obtain jobs và grow their careers.


There is ample data on the career benefits of Networking Academy participation. Between 2005 (when exit surveys began) and 20trăng tròn, the program helped 2.7 million students who completed Cisteo career certification or IT Essentials courses obtain a new job. Ahy vọng students who complete Cisteo CCNA networking coursework, 95 percent obtain a job and/or educational opportunity, according to lớn these same surveys.

Career resources from the Talent Bridge program are a powerful way we prepare and connect students lớn jobs. Talent Bridge meets students on their journey, whether they are just starting their studies, are mid-way through, or about khổng lồ launch inlớn the tech workforce. It offers resources like:

An online job matching engine (available in 15 languages)Experience-building activities lượt thích Dream TeamCareer advice (on-demand và self-enroll)An alumni network on LinkedInVirtual career fairs

This is Networking Academy

On, former students giới thiệu advice on how they navigated learning, starting and even changing their careers.

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Through the efforts of bridging the gap between our featured employers and our students, the visibility & awareness of Networking Academy has grown with our channel partners & through our Talent Bridge program. Since it started in fiscal 2015, the Talent Bridge program (inclusive of the Talent Bridge Matching Engine) has helped over 30,000 students find a job. According to our 2020 Networking Academy Student Outcomes Survey, Talent Bridge participants are:

3x more likely khổng lồ have a job with Cisteo or its partners/distributors compared lớn non-participants. More likely lớn find a new job and have a faster time to employment than non-participating students. More likely khổng lồ have sầu a job than students who did not participate in Talent Bridge activities.

For students looking for an extra edge, there’s the Networking Academy Dream Team. Through this program, instructors nominate students khổng lồ participate in a short-term project providing IT tư vấn for major events like Live sầu, Global Citizen Festival, & major international sports events. By setting up equipment, providing help desk support, and working in teams, students gain valuable on-the-job experience. And this experience makes them highly employable. Learn more about the program"s impact on some of our fiscal 20đôi mươi Dream Team members.


Skilled và passionate instructors are essential khổng lồ Networking Academy’s success. We offer comprehensive sầu professional development and training for our instructors throughout the year. The Instructor Professional Development (IPD) program is designed khổng lồ ensure our instructor community is well-trained on the lakiểm tra Networking Academy portfolio offerings while being up-to-tốc độ with the most relevant technological advancements in network automation and programmability, software, cybersecurity, và IoT domains. Instructors have sầu access to lớn different communities within where they interact directly & cốt truyện insights with product teams and peer experts. Additionally, feedback from instructors on program direction & enhancements is collected through surveys & instructor advisory boards around the world. This data collection also helps us understvà the impact of Networking Academy on instructors’ lives & careers.


Partnerships with governments, academic institutions, and nonprofits make the Networking Academy program possible. We continue to lớn grow this network. Some of these partners support underserved and rural populations, veterans, prisoners, and people with disabilities. We also partner with governments and NGOs, helping them grow their skilled workforce to lớn power a competitive digital economy. As part of our efforts lớn make access inclusive sầu, Networking Academy is không tính tiền to lớn eligible education partners.

Socioeconomic Research

We conduct original retìm kiếm alongside leading advisory companies và world-renowned academic institutions.

IT Solutions

We work with customers and partners to leverage giải pháp công nghệ lớn create new value và to lớn power social and environmental good.

Social Investment Strategy

Our approach is khổng lồ fund early-phase công nghệ solutions that can scale & be replicated.