Vortex Temple

(Blade & Soul) Vortex Temple Guide 1: Hall of Parousia (Twin Asura)

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: Flame Asura (Left), Ice Asura (Right)


#Starting Off

: The bản đồ will look like above, where Ice Asura will be on the left side & Flame on the other.

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the mechanism is similar to lớn General Moyun-Shuna in Skybreak Spire.

Flame Asura requires Ranged Tank, and Ice Asura requires Melee Tank, which will be explained below.

**About the Patterns**

Ice Asura

: Ice Asura has very easy patterns similar khổng lồ the Sogun"s Lament.

So it will be replaced with the Tank Video.


: Fire Asura tank is much harder comparing to Moyun Tank in Skybreak Spire.

Fissure - Cross Flame - 4 Projectiles - 3 Flame Areas


: Fissure - Not a threat


: Cross Flame - Not a threat lớn the tank, but others should be careful not to lớn be hit by that twice


: 4 Projectiles - Not a threat. Using a Range Protection can help. Just using HPhường. steal skills is enough.


: 3 Flame Areas - This is the Main reason Fire Asura is harder. It makes the space limited smaller, so the tank should try khổng lồ keep far (16m meters) during that pattern so others can have enough space.

Also, using Bastion, True Friend or even requesting for Party iframeand any other non-moving iframe skill can make those areas piled up, so trying that will really help.

Of course, keeping urself in the Frost Armor and doing No Damage could make you lose aggro, so bởi vì that not making any deal-loss.

: Video for the Flame Asura Tank (FM)

**About the Orbs**

: How to clear this will be explained Later on, but it is very necessary for you to lớn understand how the objects work, so try to underst& the below explanation.


: After few seconds after startingeach phase, the Asuras will summon Fire/Ice Orbs continuously from the Black Circled locations above sầu.

The Orbs will spawn và move sầu to the boss, if any one of them absorbs 3 orbs, the team will be wiped. The Stacks are there during the whole engage, so you don"t have sầu much room for mistakes.

: So, the orbs must be blocked/deflected. When it is delected, it gives total 2 chill/heat stacks.

the Stacks can be shared, so if only one person blocks it with notoàn thân near it, he will get 2 stacks, and if another person is near it each will get 1 staông chồng.

Also, after blocking it, getting the stacks give you quite hurtful Damage, so using iframe after blocking (such as Cyclone, Repulse, etc.) will help reduce the damage.

X3 ▶

X3 ▶

: The Chill/Heat Stacks give sầu continuous DMG per staông chồng and is max 3 Stacks, & 3 stacks changes the buff inlớn Frost/Flame Stacks which does not give continuous DMG.

During Chill/Heat state, it is possible khổng lồ change the buff to the other color by blocking the other color orb.

After changing to lớn Frost/Flame state, if you blochồng the other color orb it will kill you instantly.


: After 1.5minutes of spawning Fire/Ice Orbs (Which is about 7~8orbs for each color), the Asuras absorb only the Chill/Heat stacks from the team, leaving only Frost/Flame Stacks remaining.

The Same colored Chill/Heat Stachồng will recover each Asura"s HPhường. và Different colored Chill/Heat Staông xã will give sầu DMG to it.

the people with no buffs will be exhausted.


: After absorbing the buffs, it summons 6 flowers with identical colors và shoots blockable projectiles khổng lồ the tank

The Flowersmustbe removed by the same colored Frost/Flame Stacked person (the Tank, Keepers)stepping on it. When removed, it leaves a orb that can be picked up.

The Flowers continuously recover the Asura"s HPhường., so it is helpful to use Deep Wound skills, and remove the flowers quickly.


: After that, the Asuras try lớn absorb the Flowers (of course, there should be none) & does an AoE that gives continuous damage field which is unresistable.


: the AoE roots the people who have no buff or have sầu the same colored Frost/Flame buff, so they won"t get damage from the damage field.


: People with the other colored Frost/Flame will get hurt by that, but holding the orb will give you a buff that grantsimmune to lớn the damage.


: The Orb has 3 active skills -

LMB: instant heal

#1: Massive heal (casting 3 seconds)

#2: Gain Protection buff, which allows you khổng lồ cross the middle river, but the orb disappears

***SO, after quickly getting rid of the healing flowers the Keepers must hold the orb, and use #2 lớn gain protection, and cross the river.

After that, he will grab another orb on the opposite side, và work as a Healer.

The Heal Skills have sầu about a 2x8(not accurate) range so it is important khổng lồ use it directly lớn the tank.

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: After rooting everyone except the Orb-holding people, Asuras Phantom Grip the Tank and hits with massive sầu DMG 5 times.

The Fifth Attack is not bearable with normal PvE gear, sohaving more than 160,000 HP and getting the HPhường increase by SF is essential for the Tanks (OR 210000HPhường. without SF"s skill)

The Damage during the Phantom Grip give sầu True Damage, so it cannot be reduced by defense stats. Only Max HP matters.

Also, the Tank dies instantly at the First Hit if he doesn"t have the same colored Frost/Flame.

The People with the Orbs must Heal the tank Properly so he doesn"t die.

From the tactic that we use (there are ways too), Each Side will have 12 people consisted of - 1 Tank, 1Keeper, 2Healers, and the rest don"t really vị anything.

After the 12 man update, the mechanics became much easier.

Tank: the Tank must be able lớn have same colored3 stacksbefore the AoE while tanking to not die instantly. This must be done cooperating with the Keepers.

Keepers: the Tank can"t cover every same colored orb while tanking, so 1 person mustbloông chồng every the same colored orb. Since they are the only ones blocking every Same-colored orb, they will have sầu 3 stacks easily and they will remove the flowers quickly.

If you dispatch 2 Keepers per side, it is nice for them lớn take each side & bloông chồng the orbs only on their side.

Usually, classes with no-CD blocking do this, such as BM, KFM, WL, BD, DES etc.

Rest: they will make 1~2 stacks of the oppisite colored Chill/Heat Buff before the absorbing by blocking orbs in a specific order, so their buff can vì Damage to lớn the Asura on their side.

Healers: they will make the other color Frost/Flame buff depending on the Asura"s color, và hold the orb from the flowers.

having 2Healers is the most common way. If the team is weak, using 2 is possible (this will be described later on)

The Healers will have sầu an order, 1~3 (including the Keepers), & each heal will be done lượt thích this:

1st Heal: Starts casting #1 Massive Heal right after the tank gets the First Hit. the Massive Heal will l& beforethe 3rd Hit.

2nd Heal: LMB instant heals the tank after the First hit, & casts #1 Massive Heal right after the tank gets the Second Hit. the Massive sầu Heal will land beforethe 4th Hit

3rd Heal: LMB instant heal after the 1st, 2nd Hit, & #1 Massive sầu Heal after the tank gets the Third Hit. the Massive sầu Heal will lvà before the 5th Hit.

After Each Massive sầu Heal, the healers must keep using the instant heal to lớn keep the tank alive sầu, because the tank gets continuous damage even after the 5th Hit.


: if the Tanks succeed to lớn survive sầu, the Asuras will switch places và will Phantom Grip the People with the Same Colored Frost/Flame Buff, which are the Tanks and Keepers.


: also, after surviving, each tank gains a Max HP buff which is stackable, so phase after phase the tank will have more HP

This is needed because going on each phase, the Asura"s 5 Hits Damage hits harder và to survive sầu that, this buff is needed.

This means that the Tank CANNOT DIE throughout the engage.

After the Asuras switches places, the Asuras will spawn Ice/Fire Orbs after a few seconds.

So, the Final Question is in what order must the orbs should be blocked?

The Order our team is currently using, and so are many other teams are using looks like this:

H(1~4) = Healer

N(1~5) = non Healer

1st ball: H1, H2

2nd ball: H1

3rd ball: H2

4th ball: N1

5th ball: N2

6th ball~: H1, H2

This Order is made considering the time of the buffs (About 100 seconds), so if the team just sticks khổng lồ this order nothing will go wrong.

The Healers have sầu more orbs khổng lồ bloông chồng and they must hold the orbs while others vị damage, so usually the Healers should be the people who are relatively weak than the Non Healers.

(Advance) Also, there is a way lớn use the Keepers as Healers

Using this way, there will be only 2 Healers on each side, leaving 4 orbs rolling

the 2 Keepers on each side will grab these & use the #2 to lớn cross khổng lồ the other side, leaving 2 orbs rolling on each side.

Since the Keepers will have sầu the Different Màu sắc after crossing the river, they will be able lớn use the orbs & Heal the Tank.

This requires a different order in orb-blocking, which you will have lớn find out cause our team hasn"t used this tactic.

doing this is now inevitable for most teams. so i described them on the upper tab already.

Other useful information:

1. With the 30% reduce CD on Soulburn/Fighting Spirit, WL/KFM/SINswill be able to lớn use SB/FS exactly 3 times per phase. So try to use SB+FS+Soul Buff and it will help you vì chưng much more Damage.

2. if the Keepers are very unlucky, they might not make 3 stacks of the buff. In this case, they will not be pulled to the other side, so they should grab the orb and use #2 lớn go to lớn the other side.

3. After Blocking the Orb, the buff can be delivered by using SS right after blocking.

(the 2nd buff-hit goes to lớn the person cthua to lớn the location after using SS)

For the Flame Asura Tank, getting 3 stacks requires a lot of practice and some luông chồng too. Using a MIC to lớn talk to the Keepers & making them deliver them to lớn you will make things very easy.