A mysterious labyrinth of the Naryu, guarded by familiar faces. The Talus Army hopes khổng lồ excavate the labyrinth for their own gain, while the ruin’s riches are guarded in the depths by the automaton Gods of Wind and Thunder.

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Naryu Labyrinth consists of three floors with a boss at the end of each floor, containing numerous rooms that randomly lead inlớn another room. Each room contains various mobs of Talus humans, Vultures, Jackals, Ploggle, Yutay, Pot Dog, Bonemask, Undead, Monkey, Sentinel Cores, & Augerites, along with various bosses from previous dungeons including Augerites, Chief Hogdonny, Arctic Beast and Glacial Tortoise, Ape King Ogong, Terracotta Warrior, and Emerald và Azure Lords.

There are multiple varieties of rooms:

Everything in the room has lớn be killed to progress.A “miniboss” with higher health than the rest of the adds is patrolling the room, and only that minitrùm needs to lớn be killed to progress.One of the rooms on the first floor containing Manta-Yutay have sầu a gimmiông xã where all the enemies vì a charge và bounce around the room causing Aerial và are both immune and ignore defense skills. A bomb that spawns in the room can be thrown at the Manta-Yutay which will despawn any “fakes” and put the minitrùm out of hiding. If fast enough, one can drop in, grab a bomb, & throw it at the miniboss before he starts to lớn charge.Exclusive to lớn the first floor, there are 16 nodes, one of which opens the door. The rest either spawns Undead or drops a field-wide highly damaging area of effect. Only one node can be switched on at a time.Exclusive sầu to lớn the first floor, there is a Wheel of Fate that spawns Bloody Jiangshi, Stalker Jiangshi, Profane Jiangshi, or Plague Mites.Long corridors with numerous platforms, with an army of Talus patrolling below. Use windwalking on the platforms to lớn reach the end of the hallway and pull the lever that opens the door, spawns a Dragon Pulse at the bottom, & spawns a red sweeping laser that kills all the Talus on the bottom & also instantly kills players. If everyone has fallen, all the Talus on the bottom must be killed to spawn the Dragon Pulse.

From the second floor onwards, enemy rooms have sầu a sweeping xanh laser coming from a random direction that inflicts Stun. Jump over them.

When killing enemies, there is a chance for Treasure Hunter Indy to spawn.



HP: 2,570,000

Enrage: 6:40

CC: 2x


Staff swing in a cone, inflicts Knockbaông chồng. Can be CC’d.Staff swing upward in a cone inflicting Aerial, then staff swing forward inflicting Knockbaông chồng. Can be CC’d.Rear staff swing in a cone. Can be CC’d.Frontal linear Downward chop, inflicts Knockdown. Can be CC’d.2-hit spin, both hits inflict Knockdown. Can be CC’d.5-hit spin with a bit of windup with Knockbaông chồng on the last hit. Can be CC’d.Summons 3 minotaur projections in front of him which shoot outward covering wide and far range.

If the tank stands 9 meters or farther, Minou jumps at them inflicting an area of effect stomp, induces Knockdown.

Periodically, Minou enters a mechanic:

The four walls at the 12:00, 3:00, 6:00, and 9:00 positions light up red.Minou announces “Haha! That tickles!” và gains a defense buff in “Guardian Veil”.Subsequent mechanic rotations will have hyên cycle with a different move: Minou announces “Grrrragh!” và does an unblockable area of effect roar, then gains an attaông xã buff in “Automaton Rage”.If Guardian Veil or Automaton Rage stacks 4 times, Minou enrages.Minou summons 3 minotaur projections in front of hlặng.Minou performs an unblockable charge at a random person up khổng lồ two times. If he hits a red wall, it will stop the charge, remove his buff, and putting hyên ổn in Daze for 10 seconds. Blade Dancers, Destroyers, Kung Fu Masters, & Summoners, bởi vì not Grab/Phantom Grip/Grtáo Apple him right away and let his Daze tichồng down before grabbing hyên ổn.Subsequent mechanic rotations spawn stun lasers that sweep across the floor. These lasers can simply be jumped over.Minou announces “Grrrragh!” và does a unblockable area of effect roar, then gains an attaông chồng buff in “Automaton Rage”.Subsequent mechanic rotations will have sầu hlặng cycle with Guardian Veil.Minou summons multiple rows of minotaurs that charge in a straight line.

On enrage, Minou permanently gains a four-stack Guardian Veil/Automaton Rage buff, making him much harder to kill. Additionally there are much more sweeping lasers lớn giảm giá with.

Be Ido:


HP: 1,240,000

Enrage: Roughly 7:00 (hidden)

CC: 2x

Accompanying hyên are Force Masters Adpet Gunwoo, Adept Dokyum, và Adpet Sunghwan. All enemies are Force Masters & are entirely stationary but are immune to Destroyer/Blade Dancer’s Grab/Phantom Grip. At 5% of Be Ido’s health, he’ll over the fight and leave sầu.

All enemies have sầu two attacks: a targeted flame/frost projectile, and a linear flame/frost blast. Only the adds will periodically use Phantom Grip to lớn their target cthua lớn them.

The adds can be distracted by the following methods:

Have sầu multiple people distract the adds individually.If a Summoner is present, their mèo should hit all the adds and then repeatedly use Crouching Tiger.If a Blade Master or Warloông chồng is present, they attaông chồng Be Ibởi vì first to lớn get the adds to lớn aggro them, then stand in a corner and use Block/Quell. If positioned correctly, this puts them out of reach of the other two’s Phantom Grip, while they must iframe the Phantom Grip closest to lớn them.

Be Ivị and his adds gain either a Flame or Frost shield that grants 90% damage reduction for two minutes, và alternates when it expires. To remove sầu the shield, one must stvà in the shield of the opposite element và accumulate stacks up khổng lồ 10 times. When the 9th stack counts down from 5 lớn 0, it turns into a 5 second Time Bomb; bring this to lớn Be Ivị & his shield will be removed. Make sure khổng lồ iframe the Time Bomb yourself as it induces Unconsciousness.

Be Ido then does the following once his shield is removed:

“You’ll never stop me! Haha!” Be Ivày declares as he Phantom Grips the tank. On successful grab, he will siphon health & regain a large portion of his health back if it completes. Can be CC’d.“Now, this might hurt a bit! Dodge it if you can!” Be Ivì chưng and his adds channel a Chi Bomb for a field-wide unblockable area of effect.Be Ibởi vì does his standard attacks for a little while before regaining his shield.

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Be Ibởi has a hidden enrage timer where once it expires he và his minions all carry the same elemental shield, although he will periodically drop the shield to cast Chi Bomb.



HP: 1,730,000

Enrage: None

CC: 2x

The fight first starts with Fujin alone.


Frontal 180 degree punch into lớn a frontal linear punch, the latter inducing Knockbachồng và Daze.Frontal 180 degree Leg Sweep inducing Knockdown. Can be CC’d.Counter. If hit inlớn, he’ll induce Stun, & then try lớn grab the stunned person & smaông xã them around for a bit. The grab can be CC’d.Teleports away from the aggro holder, is immune to damage while doing so.

If the tank stands 9 meters or farther, Fujin does a dashing uppercut inducing Daze.

Fujin may randomly perform a 4-hit martial dance combo with each hit inflicting Daze on random people.

If Fujin is Knocked Down, he will vày a very fast area of effect spinning wind kick inflicting Knockdown.

At 81%, 61%, 41%, và 21%, he will do the following:

Fujin creates an area of effect wind gust with a lot of windup inflicting Knockbachồng & Knockbaông xã.Fujin throws four wind kiông xã projectiles that target random people inflicting Knockbaông xã and Knockbaông chồng.At 61%, 41%, and 21%, Fujin throws long-ranged wide rectangular crescent gale inflicting Knockbaông xã and Knockdown.At 61%, 41%, and 21%, Fujin throws four wind kiông xã projectiles.At 41% và 21%, Fujin does a three-hit martial dance full bộ that rebounds to lớn other people, the first & second hits inflicts Knockbaông xã & Daze, & the last hit inflicts Aerial.

Fujin và Raijin:


HP: 1,730,000 each

Enrage: 6:00

CC: 2x

After defeating Fujin, Raijin will appear and resurrect Fujin và heal hlặng baông xã khổng lồ full health. The final trùm of the Labyrinth consists of this deadly pair.

Either trùm will immediately enrage if one of them is killed, so ideally they should be taken down together. On reset, both respawn.

Raijin Rotation:

Raijin has an entirely different rotation & all his attacks have sầu a lot of windup.

Channels lightning in a cone, inflicts Knockbaông chồng và Knockdown.Channels lightning in an area of effect, inflicts Knockbaông xã & Knockdown.Channels a lightning wall in front of hyên ổn, inflicts Stun. Unblockable. Can be CC’d.Channels a linear lightning blast, inflicts Knockbaông chồng and Knockdown.Channels a linear lightning blast

If his tank stands 9 meters or farther away, Raijin uses Phantom Grip & electrocutes them a few times. Can be CC’d.

If Raijin is Knocked Down, he will do a very fast area of effect lightning area of effect inflicting Knockdown.

After 90%, Fujin periodically spawns a tornabởi vì inflicting Aerial and Raijin periodically spawns an electric spark inflicting Stun. Both bounce around the room’s edges, và if the two meet they leave sầu a lightning puddle on the floor.

Periodically every minute, Fujin and Raijin will do a combination attack:

On the first, third, and fifth times:Raijin declares “It’s time to lớn be punished!” and prepares a field-wide unblockable area of effect inducing Knockback. This is CC’able. Fujin will still vày his standard attacks.Raijin and Fujin shout “Destroy!” & Raijin channels electrithành phố inkhổng lồ Fujin, who then throws four electric tornadoes at random people inflicting Knockbachồng.Raijin shouts “Your life ends here!” and throws an electric bolt at the furthest person from him inflicting Knockbaông xã & a bit of damage over time. Fujin throws a crescent gale.On the second & fourth times:Raijin declares “It’s time khổng lồ be punished!” & prepares a field-wide unblockable area of effect inducing Knockback.Raijin declares “Your life ends here!” & throws an electric bolt at the furthest person from hyên ổn. Fujin throws wind kiông chồng projectiles.Raijin channels six unblockable area of effect lightning bolts around hyên ổn & does this six times. Fujin declares “I will tear you khổng lồ pieces!” & does his 4-hit martial dance.

On enrage from the death of their brethren, Fujin/Raijin does a field-wide unblockable area of effect that is not CC’able, & then Fujin does his special attachồng from his solo phase while Raijin does his standard attacks. After 30 seconds or on enrage from timer, they will repeatedly use their field-wide unblockable area of effect, though by weaving through the attacks it is still possible lớn kill them through enrage.