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Leo Jiang Date: September 23rd, 2016 Views: 30593 the best soul shield buy bns gold blade & soul blade và soul power leveling blade and soul gold

What is the best soul shield now? Going lớn have to lớn disagree on a couple of those. Fresh 50 should be full Northern Critical. People should be going from the story shields (moonwater/jiangshi) straight to lớn northern crits in Blade và Soul. Replacing once they get 2-3 well rolled other crit shields & they can move right into fusing.

Bạn đang xem: Best soul shield piece to infuse for crit?

Status damage on challenger is only worth it for specific boss fights with specific classes in BNS (BD/Destro/SMN). Otherwise it is just a straight DPS loss. The piercing is not relevant & does not increase your DPS for the majority of content.

What soul shields people should get, so to clean up the posts a little. Rethành viên, the BiS soul shield is the same for ALL CHARACTERS. It does not depkết thúc on what class you are, everyone is heavily reliant on crit và accuracy.

For the best PvPhường shields: One blanket shield lượt thích that won"t be good in all situations. If you are fighting a mix of people with/without crit defense not having any critical stat will hurt over world clear. These shields are class dependent as well especially in over world. You should be min/maxing defense and piercing lớn combat pet usage and your opponents’ laông xã of critical stat. Not to lớn mention the shields are worthless without mentioning fuses. Against people who are running a full crit defense setup, you shouldn"t be running the same.

The BiS cấp độ 50 soul shields patch should be:

Low accuracy set (use this if you have sầu less than 1,300 accuracy with no piece 6 equipped, for people around 500 AP/True Siren accessories): 12,348 Asura + 567 Be Ido/Twisted.

50 with a little bit of money (will be replaced soon, don"t try too hard lớn get perfect rolls on these, for people around 450 AP/Awakened Infernal accessories) Full Northern Critical/Full Yeti/some phối of Yeti and Scorpio.

Standard phối (for people around 550 AP/Awakened accessories): 12,468 Asura + 357 Be Ido/Twisted.

Fresh 50 (will be replaced soon, don"t try too hard khổng lồ get perfect rolls on these, for people around 400 AP/Awakened Infernal accessories): 57 Bloodshade + some Labyrinth Bloodshade mix/Full Silverfrost Valor.

High geared (for people around 600 AP/True accessories): 12,468 Asura + 357 Oblivion. Very high geared/Tower of Infinity (not many people can bởi vì this, might not even be better than the mix up there):13,567 Asura + 248 Challenger. Whirlwind Valley 6v6: 12,357 Naksun + 468 Labyrinth/124 Sparring + 35,678 Challenger.

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Secondary stats: Critical > Accuracy > HPhường > Defense > Block = Evasion (may or may not be the case for tank set).

Infusions: Northern Critical (poor), Silverfrost Crafted/Artisanal Critical Primer (rich), Jomu Accuracy (only if you have lượt thích infernal earring), Silverfrost Crafted/Artisanal Reflex Primer (6v6).

Many soul shields follow the same format as to what stats they give. Each of these progressions give sầu the same primary và secondary rolls on every piece, but the later ones simply have higher numbers. The soul shield progression for the rest of the year is:

Bloodshade (BSH) -> Yeti (Avalanđậy Den) -> Be Ibởi vì (Sundered Nexus) -> Twisted (Twisted Grimhorn Wilds + Zaiwei Ruins + Gloomdross Incursion + Shattered Masts) -> Oblivion (Desolate Tomb) Labyrinth (Naryu Labyrinth) -> Asura (Sogun"s Lament) -> Ebondrake (Ebondrake Citadel)

Endless Tower (Mushin"s Tower F4-7) -> Mushin (Mushin"s Tower F8.1-8.2) -> Scorpio (Awakened Necropolis) -> Sparring (Tower of Infinity F20-29) -> Naksun (Mushin"s Tower F12-15) -> Challenger (Tower of Infinity F30+).

Once new dungeons are released, replace each piece with the piece that follows it in the same các mục. For example, if you currently have sầu 12,348 Asura + 567 Yeti, you should work toward 12,348 Asura + 567 be Ido/Twisted next.

So the best soul shields for the kết thúc of this year are:

PvE (your class"s legendary SS effect is literally useless, or you"re lazy): 12,468 Ebondrake + 357 Oblivion. High cấp độ PvE (your class has bad 8 piece legendary SS effect, requires tons of grinding and probably a clan): 12,345 Night Wind + 678 Oblivion.

PvP: 124 Sparring + 35,678 Challenger

Secondary stats: Crit > Accuracy > HPhường > Defense > Block = Evasion (may or may not be the case for tank set). Infusions: Silverfrost Crafted/Artisanal/Masterwork Critical (PvE), Silverfrost Crafted/Artisanal/Masterwork Reflex (OW PvP).

For more information of Blade and Soul, welcome lớn infobandarpkr.com.

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