Alien Shooter 2 is an action shooting game with RPG elements. Download Alien Shooter games for free now!

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From the developer of Zombie Shooter comes a sequel lớn Alien Shooter. Alien shooter 2 continues the horror of alien teleportation. This Sigma team game adopts a topdown shooter perspective sầu with a tinge of RPG elements in it. The portals khổng lồ another dimension are again opened. This time, Magma corporation was behind the experiment. They plan to lớn transport the aliens through the portal and control them. However, they were overwhelmed by the number of human-killing aliens transported. Eventually, all the people within the facility were killed by the aliens. General Baker & his squad were sent into lớn the facility & you were called in lớn assist the fight against the aliens. This story-line may be similar khổng lồ Alien shooter but the action in this game is definitely doubled as Sigma team puts the action in its games above sầu everything else.


Similar khổng lồ alien shooter vengeance, the main objective sầu of the game is to lớn survive sầu the hordes of relentless alien monster charging at you. In the process, you will have sầu to lớn clear the different monstrous creatures within the cấp độ. In this particular action và RPG game, you will have sầu different mission-based objectives within the level. Complete these missions one after another before advancing khổng lồ the next level. With aliens coming to lớn you in all directions, survival becomes your main priority of the game.You begin this shooting game with a low-level pistol with a large amount of ammunition. In your first level, you will encounter a significant number of weak bugs. As you proceed with the game you will find distinct differences that separate Alien shooter 2 from its predecessors. Within this arcade, action, and RPG-packed game, there is an additional level-up system where you get the authority to pump on your hero’s attribute. Giving you the room for character development and personalization. Another distinct difference in this large-scale sequel is the choice of learning a special ability during the start of the game. This may give you an added advantage in the early game depending on your choice. Although most of the offers don"t give you immediate gratification, there are abilities that will come in handy in your early game. Police cars were also added as a vehicle for you, spicing up the arcade action in this online game. For players who think that sigma"s pc games were manageable, Sigma has also made modifications khổng lồ their classical games. There is an additional difficulty mode that was added to lớn this sequel. The “impossible” mode. There were more weapons added in alien shooter 2. In Alien shooter, there is a limited choice of 9 weapons. However, this number quadrupled to 50 over weapons that you can choose from throughout your gameplay. Unlượt thích all the other PC games with only one chiến dịch mode, alien shooter 2 offers you two new additional survival modes: stvà firm & gun stand, on top of the typical chiến dịch mode. I will not explain the chiến dịch mode in much detail as this is quite similar to lớn its predecessor. Stvà firm is not really new but a redesign of the survival mode. In this mode, you will have khổng lồ keep yourself safe while killing as many enemies as you can. At the end of each enemy wave, you will fight the trùm. When the trùm is defeated, it will drop 5 advanced weapons. Like the other classical games of Sigma team, equipment và power-ups are made available khổng lồ you upon slaying the enemy.The final mode is the Gun stand. In this mode, you control a turret filled with ammunition. Where you must feed off the waves of enemies. With every wave sầu completed, a blast will be triggered to lớn kill all remaining enemies. After looking at Alien shooter 2 "s graphics, it looks as though someone had made a 3D mã sản phẩm of the sprite images. It keeps the classic bird eye isometric view where players are topdown shooter approach. The music plays according to lớn the mood of the game. It becomes really intense when you are charged by a massive sầu number of aliens. The older enemies were redesigned which really blends inlớn the new graphics. The rethiết kế has had the game embellished with a refined game. Overall there is an improvement in the graphics and sound effect.

Alien Shooter 2 Cheats:

Invincibility - "st2";15000 HPhường - "st1";+50 tốc độ skill - "cheats"; +100 weapons reloading skills - "cheatw";+10,000 money - "cheatm" or "stm";Extra ammunition - "stammo";Level skip - "stwnn";Download siêu thị on the level - "stshop";Kill all monsters on map - "stk9";Remove sầu gamma from cấp độ - "remgamma".



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