Al Fresco"s Restaurant

Al Fresco"s Al Fresco"s restaurant chain has been in Vietphái mạnh since 1996 & is now one of the most famous pizza brands in Vietnam giới, both in terms of chất lượng and price.quý khách sẽ xem: Pizza alfresteo hoàng ngân

This is the danh mục of Al Fresteo in Hanoi và other cities in Vietnam

- Al Fresco"s Cau Giay - Shop 109 - IPH building, 239 Xuan Thuy, Cau Giay. Tel: (04) 37 954 555- Al Fresco"s Hai Ba Trung - 23L Hai Ba Trung, Hoan Kiem. Tel: (04) 38 26 77 82- Al Fresco"s Lang Ha - 108 K1 Lang Ha, Ba Dinch. TEL: (04) 37 723 555- Al Fresco"s Quang An - 24 Quang An, Tay Ho. Tel: (04) 37 19 53 22- Al Fresco"s Hoang Ngan - A37 Hoang Ngan, Trung Hoa urban area, Nhan Chinc, Cau Giay. Tel: (04) 35 56 98 22- Al Fresco"s Church - No. 19 Church, Hoan Kiem. Tel: (04) 39 38 11 55- Al Fresco"s Truc Bach - No 3 Truc Bach, Tay Ho. Tel: (04) 37 15 24 33- Al Fresco"s Vincom - 4th Floor, Vincom Center, Long Bien. Tel: (04) 36 57 45 76Al Fresco"s Garden - The Garden Shopping Center, The Manor Building, Me Tri, My Dinh, Nam Tu Liem. Tel: (04) 3787 8598- Al Fresco"s KĐT Royal City - 72A Nguyen Trai, Thanh khô Xuan. Tel: (04) 66 64 55 66- Al Fresco"s Royal Ton Delivery - 75 Nguyen Hoang Ton. TEL: (04) 3710 18 11 - (04) 3719 53 22Al Fresco"s Times City - Shop # 6 - Street 9, Block B1, Vincom Mega Mall Time City, 458 Minh Khai, Vinc Tuy, Hai Ba Trung. Tel: (04) 32 000 888- Al Fresco"s Dao Tan - 88 Dao Tan, Ba Dinh. Tel: (04) 37 24 58 68- Al Fresco"s Ecopark Delivery - A17 Truc street - Ecopark urban area. Tel: (04) 62 61 86 22- Al Fresco"s Aeon Mall - 3rd Floor, 27 Co Linh, Long Bien. Tel: (04) 32 00 29 51

Because of Discount Program

Today I go khổng lồ eat with Quang, he has just returned from the United States.Because Al"fresco has a discount program lớn buy a set of 235k VNĐ, then buy the phối is only 10k so always eat. Lang Ha facilities are quite crowded but also large, clean & beautifully decorated, good service staff, professional.

We have called a set called the right rib called super peak, worth the money bowl rice. Although slightly less but also aperitif & dessert, not lớn mention bread, salad, I think that Marinated loin ribs marinated delicious, tasteless, fragrant, soft, not chewy. Steak is also soft, including sausage, egg fried dig lớn dig.

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Pizza, seafood pasta as good standard!


This Reviews of Al Fresco"s LangHa.

Step into lớn the restaurant is step inkhổng lồ a very European space, from the layout, drawing, menu lớn the aromatic cheese flavor. It is very interesting here that every table is covered with a large trắng paper và a wax jar for guests spoiled expression of grief. After eating can bring paper or leave sầu the cửa hàng. Cool air conditioners, warm orange tones, soft chairs, fragrant food, waxed scents, feeling very peaceful.

 The price of dishes

The dishes range from 30-50k for appetizers (soup, garlic bread, salad), 60-70k for noodles, 65-160k for main dish and pizza, 3 sizes are 60k - 90k - 150k (update 5). / 2011). There are also hamburgers, chicken & rice dishes.



Lasagmãng cầu. This dish is famous many people know. The thing that Garfield cát likes it. Grilled beef with leaf noodles và cheese, served with garlic butter bread.

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 Comparison to other Pizza Restaraunts in Hanoi

Many Vietnamese said that there is a feeling that pizza at Al Fresco"s offers more cheese, crispy pizza crust, more fragrant & bitter bites that are delicious, instant fragrance and fragrant mouth. There is also cheese cake. Did not notice if pizza was made under 11 minutes, so called so fast.


Bolognaise pizza. There are Italian beef sauce, corn, green peppers, cheese và Thousand Islvà sauce. 

Pepperoni Special. There are sausages, babé, pinetáo Apple, onion, tomato sauce and cheese. Extremely fragrant.

Oh serve sầu here super dễ thương, give round 10 points always. I want to go khổng lồ family giảm giá khuyến mãi but not voucher, play to beg, so manager manager Call if no voucher is not eat family giảm giá but drop out will drop 30% for pizza Likes like, Reduced hundreds of thousands, not less. Then I introduce the speaker to lớn friends to. This is the most important thing in the hospitality business, and AL Fresco"s has done.

Bar except: the price is slightly higher than other pizza establishments. Especially iced tea.Stone Ice tea here is sugar-free lipton tea, a jar of about 6 liters, 100k. Well ... So the advice for you is to lớn eat here only but vì not drink, hic.Menu, taken on the leaflet of the restaurant ( below)



Moreover, the pizza is 100% Italiano, that is the point!!!

 Seafood noodle cream sauce is also delicious, seafood is not quite fresh seafood, ice cream is not enough, not very comfortable và easy to eat. The ribs are always delicious và the sweet and sour sauce served with salad is good;)

So I highly recommend this place for international students if your guys missed pizza.