360 is a best-of-breed enterprise website vulnerability solution designed khổng lồ be a part of complex environments. It provides multiple integrations as well as options lớn integrate within custom contexts.

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* is the pioneer in web security, being the first company to create a specialized website vulnerability solution. Pure specialization and unparalleled expertise allow our team khổng lồ deliver quality solutions that prove themselves in many environments. 360 is a DAST tool that uses unique technologies, including IAST, to lớn verify and confirm vulnerabilities. This shows you which vulnerabilities are real and not false-positives. During independent benchmarks, achieved one of the lowest false-positive rates on the market.With a focus on integrations and a wide array of issue trackers, 360 seamlessly integrates with your CI/CD solutions và team messaging understands that out-of-the-box solutions may be difficult lớn use in complex environments. We work with our customers to lớn make sure 360 fits within their landscape. This includes support with implementation and deployment as well as customizing the solution as needed. 360 is designed to lớn become a part of your complete cybersecurity environment và work with your other solutions. You can deploy 360 either on-premises or as a cloud service and use it along with other security tools to lớn get even better protection. Thanks lớn high performance và extensive sầu integration options, you can improve sầu security without overloading your resources. 360 uses a chất lượng web-based dashboard designed for enterprises and optimized lớn manage a large number of assets. It includes detailed information for analysts as well as executive views and reports to lớn help you assess your security posture.

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User management can be integrated with Active Directory. Vulnerability management can also be integrated with Jira, Jenkins, GitLab, GitHub, TeamCity, Azure DevOps, Slack, và more platforms. Integrations are seamless & can usually be implemented within a couple of minutes. For atypical environments, the team can build custom APIs.

Continuous discovery engines use crawler technology pioneered by search engines khổng lồ find assets that may belong to lớn your enterprise. It gathers information from domain names, domain registration information, SSL certificates, và more, và presents it lớn you as potential scan targets.

* believes in SecDevOps – including security as part of your culture. 360 helps you achieve sầu this by making it easy for non-security personnel khổng lồ consider security in their everyday work. This enables you to improve your overall security stance by not only finding & fixing vulnerabilities but also preventing them in the future.

When you include 360 in your CI/CD pipelines, your software engineers receive detailed reports if they introduced any security vulnerabilities into code. These reports include remediation suggestions. Since false positives are rare, engineers are not frustrated và can continuously improve sầu their security-related skills.Thanks to lớn the high performance of, CI/CD pipeline scans have a minimal impact on the tốc độ of delivery. They can easily be performed together as part of comprehensive thử nghiệm suites, including similar scans based on other products.You can use two-way integration with selected issue trackers lớn automate security scanning even further. Your issue tracker can initiate a scan after the issue status is changed so that the engineer immediately knows if they introduced a security vulnerability.

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