The sustainability assessment is an important step on your journey towards sustainability excellence. Your scorecard gives you a photograph that reflects your sustainability performance at the time of publication. Additionally, it indicates in detail the improvement areas for your company to lớn work on, in order lớn improve sầu your company’s performance.

To tư vấn your company’s sustainability performance improvement, offers all rated companies access lớn the online corrective sầu action plan feature, which enables you to:

Build improvement plans online;Communicate planned & completed corrective sầu actions with your trading partners;Receive feedback from your trading partners.

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Note: The information that you include in your corrective sầu action plan tab is visible lớn your trading partners, but will not be checked by and will not impact your current scorecard. Your scorecard will only be updated after your company’s next reassessment.

1. Plan your corrective sầu actions

Here are a few tips on interpreting a scorethẻ and prioritizing improvement actions that should help you to lớn determine which issues/themes to lớn address and improve on.

Themes và weights

Before embarking on a correctiveaction plan,it is important to lớn take note of which themes have the lowest scores và highest weight for your company. This will help you understvà which themes you should prioritize for corrective sầu actions.

Theme scores: Environment, Labor & Human Rights, Ethics, SustainableProcurement (e.g. if≤ 20/100 = high risk).Weight (1-4): The weight for each themeis based on your company’s activity, form size và location.


Getting started

To get started on your corrective sầu Action Plan open the corrective sầu action plantab in the My Performance section on your platkhung.

2. Create and communicate your corrective sầu actions

Improvement areas & prioritiesIn the corrective action plan feature, you will find a danh mục of all improvement areas identified by during the assessment, listed in order of priority (high, medium and low). Below is an example of an improvement area displayed in the corrective action plan feature.

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Managing corrective actions & communicating updatesCorrective sầu actions can be created by proactively initiating them, or they can be requested by a trading partner. Corrective actions can be used lớn manage improvement, provide updates khổng lồ trading partners (using the communication thread and by uploading attachments) & track activity against deadlines (mix proactively or by the trading partner).Tips for effective communication

Use the Description field khổng lồ describe in detail what you are planning lớn implement.


It is strongly recommended lớn upload infobandarpkr.coming documentationto lớn provide evidence of the actions implemented.Note: infobandarpkr.coming documents uploaded inlớn the corrective action plan tab will also be visible khổng lồ your trading partners.


Whenever your company has completed an action, remember to lớn change the status of the action to “Mark as completed”.


3. Reflect your corrective actions in the scorecard

If you wish to lớn update your results as they appear on your scorethẻ, you can vày so only by proceeding to lớn a reassessment. If you decide to undergo a reassessment, you will be able lớn update your answers & add additional documents. Our team will then persize an entirely new analysis of your company. For optimum results, we recommkết thúc getting rated once a year.Cliông xã here to lớn learn more. All documents previously uploaded in your corrective sầu action plan tab will automatically be loaded inkhổng lồ your document library khổng lồ facilitate your completion of the reassessment questionnaire.

Learn how khổng lồ start a reassessment with Eva,your in-platform assistant.

Log in using your username (your email address) và password. A "forgot password" liên kết is also available on the login page. Click on the question mark inhỏ in the bottom left corner. Select your question from the danh sách (e.g. Start or purchase a reassessment), or type your question into lớn the tìm kiếm bar.